Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Love is in the air!

 photo 38503a09-616a-4fe4-89f3-d15e247c7d80_zps195f4866.jpg
Cardigan - Auntie
Shirt - New Look 
Skirt- New Look 
Belt -Asos
Shoes- New Look
Necklace - New Look

 photo eilidhneon_zps55a9f4ba.jpg

Tunic/Shirt- New Look
 Kimono - Topshop
Leggings - Primark
Necklace - New Look
Boots - New Look 

Sorry these outfits are so New-Look oriented. I've been working like cray-cray lately, so uniform outfits are inevitable.

Just a quick post today featuring some new work purchases. Someone needs to shred my staff discount card, pronto.  I've been bogged down with studying, uni work and 'work' work for the last week, so decided to give myself a well-earned (I use that term loosely) break today and  make a home-made Valentine's day card. Last year I tried my hand at this Alligator -cum-jelly-bean receptacle. Or an Eilidh-gator, if you will . Ho ho ho. This year I opted for a card themed on The Office. My boyfriend and I are massive fans, spending many a Saturday night watching back-to-back episodes. I will report back on his reaction. Hope you've all had a super Pancake day!

 photo 1581854a-55a3-442b-a7da-c71e22eaef57_zps74777245.jpg
 photo 9d9385d1-5120-4b9d-89aa-c039d8d5105d_zps9f032223.jpg

Eat your heart out Neil Buchanan ;)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Proscrastination Picks!

 photo 6768ae37-1789-4154-a650-3b65bcd47fe3_zps4de49cb5.jpg

I have once again succumbed to browsing the internet  for hours on end instead of doing much needed dissertation work. Le sigh. Clothes can be construed as somewhat sociological in nature, so my studying endeavours have not been 100% fruitless, yes?! Here are some picks I have found and would snap up in a heartbeat if money was no object. Unfortunately, I am a poor student and prefer spending my money on vices such as a daily Greggs sausage roll.

1. I have wanted these leggings (treggings?) forever, yet they're out of stock in all of the Topshop stores local to me. I should have purchased them online when they were initially in stock, but I'd prefer to try them on to determine if they are too 'Bay City Rollers'.
2. This jacket looks like the perfect winter coat and looks oh-so off duty Kate Moss.
3. I seriously considered buying this as a Christmas gift for my mum, for the sole reason that I could borrow it, before I realised that would make me a terrible, terrible human being. 
4. I am on the hunt for the perfect pair of chunky, buckled boots to wear in summer with floaty, whimsical dresses. These Jeffrey Campbell Coltranes would  be ideal, however the cut-out detail would not be particularly conducive to Scottish weather. They are so incredibly beautiful though ♥

Monday, 4 February 2013

You're the shit and I'm knee deep in it

Youretheshit blog

Jumper- Charity Shop
Skirt- New Look
Shoes - New Look
Necklace - Gift

I've seen these posts floating about the blogosphere recently.

15 Facts about me 

1. School of Rock is one of my favourite films. I have memorised several lines, dances and Lawrence's handshake, much to my friends and family's despair.
2. I was in a Bank of Scotland advert when I was in Primary 5. Unfortunately, I've yet to find video evidence. This is probably a positive thing.
3. I have a pet dog called Ringo. Not after the iconic Beatles drummer; he had a 'ring' of brown around his all-white belly when he was a puppy. 
4. I'm bad at thinking of  appropriate pet names.
5.  I am a fraternal twin. And no, we don't look alike (duh!). 
6. My dad won backstage tickets to Radio 1's One Big Sunday concert in Falkirk in 2002. I was most excited about meeting Sara Cox's dog, Snoop.
7. I also played Frisbee with Toploader (Remember this?!) at the same event  and accidentally lost said Frisbee over a security fence. Cool kid.
8. I pride myself on  my ability to always intentionally ruin a photograph with a 'pedo face'. 
9. If and when Fall Out Boy reunite, I will most likely keel over and die/ wet myself with excitement. 
10. I want a kitten more than anything else in the world. Preferably the Ragdoll kind, but I'm not fussy. 
11. Browsing American restaurant/ fast food menus and lusting after the dishes  is one of my favourite past times. 
12. I'm addicted to YouTube videos. My favourite content creators at present are Shaytards,CTFxC , BF VS GF, Sunbeamsjess and Sprinkle of Glitter . I do however find myself watching the strangest videos in the wee hours of the morning. Tight rope walking dog anyone?
13. I could probably live off of a combination of cheese and tomato pizza and chicken balls and fried rice for my lifetime and be very content ( and fat). 
14. The dry, scratchy surface of Tupperware boxes sends a shiver down my spine. I have to fashion a glove like contraption, by means of pulling my sleeves down, when I'm forced to handle one.
15. I love rubbish American television (usually anything broadcast on the TLC network). Extreme Couponing is a personal favourite.

EDIT: I wrote this post last night, and Fall Out Boy have since announced a new album/ tour. Deid