Sunday, 2 September 2012



Shorts - New Look
Bag - Topshop 

 Today was a lazy outfit to fit a lazy frame of mind; I slept till 1pm, ate a delicious spread of micro-noodles and tuc crackers for lunch(brunch?) and rocked 4 day old hair. Ah student life. Work beckoned (3 guesses where I work. Answers on a postcard) and the weather was typically Scottish, so a staple jumper and shorts combo was the flavour of the day. I'd like to think this jumper borders on the right side of the neon trend but fear I look like a TOWIE reject.  
p.s Spot poochyface in the background sneaking in a 'mid-hoovering up gunk on the carpet' photo bomb!

Top- French Connection 
Skirt- Topshop Sale 
Belt - Asos 
Bag- Kipling
Shoes- Converse for Target

I visited my gran today so decided to scrub up a little ( excuse the bronzer overdose - clearly my TOWIE style jumper has had a profound influence on me). My gran's token catchphrase is 'Is that your mums?'. Well today, yes Gran. Yes it is! My bag and top are both hand-me-downs from Mama. The perks of having a shopaholic for a mother.

T-Shirt- New Look
Cardigan- Motel
Creepers - New Look
Bag- Topshop

  Once again, work was the flavour of the day, so this outfit is predominantly uniform. Eventful occurrences today - a customer asked me if she could buy two odd sale shoes as 'they almost look the same'. Eh? I also watched a heck of a lot of Paralympics coverage post-shift. So inspirational, and encourages me ,with the spirit animal of a sloth, to move my behind.

Dress- Topshop
Cardigan- Max C
Tights - Marks and Spencers

No outfit for the first of September; I spilt Thorntons chocolate cake bar crumbs down myself and sported two, suspect brown smudges on my top all day - not something I fancy documenting. Yesterday was a great day regardless - my boyfriend and I visited the Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport. I had a great time reliving my childhood, until I was torn away from a 'car conducting game'. Boyfriend - "I was worried you were going to get too competitive" . For the record, I would have thrashed them. Today,I worked in the morning and changed into this attire to mooch about the house apres-work.

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