Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Check Yes Juliet

CheckYesJuliet blog

 Blouse- Warehouse
Top- Shelter Charity shop
Shorts - New Look
Shoes- Vans
Bag- Skipping Girl

Last night I went to see Florida band We The Kings play at the Glasgow Garage. For the YouTube uninitiated, internet vlogger veteran, Charles Trippy plays bass in the band. I've been watching Charles' daily CTFxC videos for around 2 years now ( realising how sad that makes me seem as I type. Oops.), so I was super excited. We The Kings were also one of the bands I loved during my teeny-bopper (cough* obligatory emo stage*cough) years . As a matter of fact, on my first trip to the USA 5 years ago, I distinctly remember saving my holiday cash to purchase their 2007 self-titled album. Ah, nostalgia.
The vest/jumper combination is a Glasgow West-end charity-shop find (thanks Mama). The woolen material was excellent for keeping me cosy as  I trekked to the venue, but not overly so. Gig problemz. The blouse is a Sale find. I love the lace, accordion pleat detail on the back. I  also christened  my new Vans Sk8 his this evening, as squeaky clean sneaks give me the creeps (Is this weird?!).

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


bday insta


Lolz to my scowl

Dress- Topshop
Shirt- Primark
Leggings - Tesco
Boots- New Look
Jewellery- Gifts

I turned 21 yesterday and had an incredible day with amazing people :) Can't believe how lucky I am. Also can't believe I'm 21 years of age, when I still feel approximately 12. I think I ate my weight in food and  was perilously close to keeling over from a TGI's, birthday cake and sweets induced food coma. Predicting I'll be circa 20 stone by my 22nd. 
This shirt is a recent purchase from Primark. The picture doesn't do any justice to the shoulder and collar detail; cut out and embroidered hearts. SO CUTE! The name necklace was a birthday present  from my parents, bought from a mall in Orlando, Florida whilst they holidayed there in Summer 2012. Sneaky, sneaky mum and dad.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Bambi on Ice and Makeup First Impressions

Bambi edit

Jumper - H&M Kids
Dress- Paprika 
Leggings - New Look 
Boots - New Look 
Hat- Courtesy of Gran

The title is sadly a blatant lie. There has been not a single drop (flake?) of snow in Glasgow today :-( Still hoping and praying for a snow/sledging/ snow-man building day tomorrow. You'd never guess that, I was nearing 21, right? The same could be said for my OOTD post today. This Bambi jumper and bobble hat combo really enhances my inner 'looking like a toddler' but I couldn't resist.

makeup5 edit

Last week, laden with the cold and an ouchy belly (damn you Mother Nature!), I stumbled into Superdrug and made some spontaneous, on a whim purchases to cheer me up. I don't profess to be an expert in anything make-up related, yet hopefully some first impression insights from a novice like myself will  be useful to someone on the interwebz.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer- I'm prone to Uncle Fester style  dark circles and have recently been using Youtube Guru community staple 'Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer' to combat this. Unfortunately, this has a tendency to look extremely cakey and crepey on me, particularly in the colder weather when my skin is in desperate need of moisture. This concealer is much lighter in consistency and does an excellent job of brightening  the under eye area, whilst not feeling heavy. It doesn't have the greatest longevity, and after a few hours of wear, the purple tones are creeping back. Still on the hunt for my holy grail concealer if anyone has recommendations.

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Break Dance - How gorgeous is this bright coral colour?! Pleasantly surprised by this purchase. Doesn't feel sticky or tacky on the lips, smells like Lovehearts sweeties and has a decent amount of pigmentation, providing a pop of colour without looking overly garish.

MUA Kiss Proof Lip Stain in Fabulicious - I have a big love for lipstains ( I'm talking about you Benetint!) as they require little maintenance and touch ups throughout the day a la lipsticks. This product  however, sucked. The felt pen nib applicator applies little product, the marker tip dries up fairly quickly, my lips feel dehydrated and in need of nourishment after use and the colour is too similar to my natural lip shade. Disappointed.

Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation - I usually research my foundations in advance before I buy them, due to a history of sensitive, acne prone skin. Regardless, this has so far (touch wood) done the job, and has been a decent product for throwing on quickly under powder before running out the house.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Jumper - Mum's Wardrobe 
Shirt- New Look
 Top - Topshop
Disco Pant dupes - Glamorous
Shoes - Missguided ( also on ebay)

Dress- Mela Loves London 
Leggings - H&M
Boots- New Look 
Backpack- Tenerife 

Some recent outfits wearing some recent January sales purchases (disco pant copies and black crochet dress - a bargain at £18 and £10 respectively). Severely underestimated how tight disco pants are. Attempted eating a large plate of IKEA Swedish meatballs for dinner . A grave mistake. Now wallowing in self pity, envisaging my soon to be corset trained waist, disco pants style . Look how beautiful they are though :-D 

Have you found any good sales bargains?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Coat- Topshop
Jumper - Topshop
Leggings - Primark 
Boots- Dr Martens 
Happy New Year folks! I have spent today first-footing relatives, laden with copious amounts of shortbread (Is this just a Scottish thing?) This is what I wore for the occassion. The jumper is a sales purchase from Topshop. A dead ringer for the much-coveted Wildfox Prairie Rose jumper, if I do say so myself. Now watching 'Up' ( fully prepared to cry my heart out. SQUIRREL) and preparing to bathe the dog, who decided to welcome 2013 by rolling in dog crap. Thanks Ringo!