Monday, 4 February 2013

You're the shit and I'm knee deep in it

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I've seen these posts floating about the blogosphere recently.

15 Facts about me 

1. School of Rock is one of my favourite films. I have memorised several lines, dances and Lawrence's handshake, much to my friends and family's despair.
2. I was in a Bank of Scotland advert when I was in Primary 5. Unfortunately, I've yet to find video evidence. This is probably a positive thing.
3. I have a pet dog called Ringo. Not after the iconic Beatles drummer; he had a 'ring' of brown around his all-white belly when he was a puppy. 
4. I'm bad at thinking of  appropriate pet names.
5.  I am a fraternal twin. And no, we don't look alike (duh!). 
6. My dad won backstage tickets to Radio 1's One Big Sunday concert in Falkirk in 2002. I was most excited about meeting Sara Cox's dog, Snoop.
7. I also played Frisbee with Toploader (Remember this?!) at the same event  and accidentally lost said Frisbee over a security fence. Cool kid.
8. I pride myself on  my ability to always intentionally ruin a photograph with a 'pedo face'. 
9. If and when Fall Out Boy reunite, I will most likely keel over and die/ wet myself with excitement. 
10. I want a kitten more than anything else in the world. Preferably the Ragdoll kind, but I'm not fussy. 
11. Browsing American restaurant/ fast food menus and lusting after the dishes  is one of my favourite past times. 
12. I'm addicted to YouTube videos. My favourite content creators at present are Shaytards,CTFxC , BF VS GF, Sunbeamsjess and Sprinkle of Glitter . I do however find myself watching the strangest videos in the wee hours of the morning. Tight rope walking dog anyone?
13. I could probably live off of a combination of cheese and tomato pizza and chicken balls and fried rice for my lifetime and be very content ( and fat). 
14. The dry, scratchy surface of Tupperware boxes sends a shiver down my spine. I have to fashion a glove like contraption, by means of pulling my sleeves down, when I'm forced to handle one.
15. I love rubbish American television (usually anything broadcast on the TLC network). Extreme Couponing is a personal favourite.

EDIT: I wrote this post last night, and Fall Out Boy have since announced a new album/ tour. Deid

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