Wednesday, 9 January 2013



Jumper - Mum's Wardrobe 
Shirt- New Look
 Top - Topshop
Disco Pant dupes - Glamorous
Shoes - Missguided ( also on ebay)

Dress- Mela Loves London 
Leggings - H&M
Boots- New Look 
Backpack- Tenerife 

Some recent outfits wearing some recent January sales purchases (disco pant copies and black crochet dress - a bargain at £18 and £10 respectively). Severely underestimated how tight disco pants are. Attempted eating a large plate of IKEA Swedish meatballs for dinner . A grave mistake. Now wallowing in self pity, envisaging my soon to be corset trained waist, disco pants style . Look how beautiful they are though :-D 

Have you found any good sales bargains?


  1. wow those pants look like great dupes!! hehe I know what you mean about not eating too much when you have them on haha :)

  2. Really like your blog,followed you :) nominated you with The Liebster Award. The details on my blog. Check out it and I hope to see you there.